lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

Lucy's text

                                     My school

     I'm a student at Greenhill Secondary School. It's a big school. There are forty-five teachers. There are thirty children in my class.We study lots of different subjects, but my favourite subject is Science. My best friend at school is Kate.
      My first school was Woodlands Primary School. It was a small school. There were only six teachers.There were twenty children in my class. My favourite subject was English. My best friend at primary school was Linda.

  1. Copy the text and answer the questions in your notebooks: 
  • How many children are there in Lucy's class this year?
  • What was the name of her school last year?
  • Was her primary school big or small?
  • What was her favourite subject last year?
  • Who was her best friend last year?
  • How many teachers were there in Lucy's class last year?
  • What's her favourite subject now?