lunes, 23 de abril de 2012


1.-Read the text and answer the questions:

                                     My town

My name's Catherine and I live in Cambridge in England.
There's a famous university in Cambridge. It's very old.
There are lots of cafés and shops too, but there aren't
any beaches. (Cambridge isn't near the sea.)
I go to school in Cambridge. The school is about three
kilometres from my house.It's near the park. It's a big school.
There are 1.200 students.There's a library at the school, but
there isn't a swimming pool.
I really like Cambridge. In my opinion, it's a great town. 


1.Where does Catherine live?
2.Is there a university in Cambridge?
3.Are there any beaches in Cambridge?
4.How many students are there in Catherine's school?
5.Is there a swimming pool at Catherine's school?
6.Does Catherine like Cambridge?

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