jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012


     Wu Lee is 12 years old. He goes to a sports school in Beijing, China. Every day Lee does exercises for half an hour before breakfast. Then he has classes for five hours and after lunch he trains for five hours too. Lee runs, does exercises and plays table tennis.
     Lee goes home twice a year. "I miss my family, but I want to play in the Olympic Games and be the best player in the world" he says.
  1. How old is Wu Lee?
  2. What school does he go to?
  3. How long does he exercise before breakfast?
  4. When does he train for five hours?
  5. What does he do to train?
  6. How often does he go home?
  7. Where does he want to play?
  8. What does he want to be?

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