miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012

A letter


1.-Read and answer the questions in your notebook :                  

                                                Milan,Italy,15th October

                Dear Julie,
           I'm in Italy with my mum and dad for a week.
           We are having a fantastic holiday. We are visiting
           Rome and Milan. Rome is a big and beautiful city
           and Milan is wonderful. Mum and dad like Rome
           very much but I prefer Milan. It's sunny but very 
           cold here.Brrrr.
           See you soon.
                              Fiona xxx
              a.-Who's writing the letter?
              b.-Where is she?
              c.-What's the date?
              d.-What's the weather like?
              e.-What city does she like best?
              f.-Is she having a good holiday?

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